Help to filter missing terms and keep us ahead of new trends and phrases

If you have found any search terms that you feel should trigger the R;pple tool but doesn't, please submit your suggestion for approval below.

Please note, R;pple is a crisis intervention tool and should only appear following a search that is deemed harmful. E.g., R;pple would not be triggered following a search for ‘Mental Health’, but would be triggered following a search for ‘How to end my life’.

Once your suggestion has been reviewed by the R;pple team, we will make a decision to include or omit the term into the R;pple tool to trigger the technology into action.

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We thank you in advance for your help and support

“Without this tool, it is quite possible that within a couple of clicks, an incredibly distressed individual, will be able to access content that not only demonstrates means of dying by suicide, but encouragement and detailed instruction of how to do so.”

University of Wolverhampton