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Putting your employee’s health first with front-line support

In the digital age, your employees are likely to use internet sources as a first resource in a crisis. R;pple is a discreet digital tool that responds to harmful online searches, intervening when they need it most.

It works without making your IT systems vulnerable to attack or collecting data on your organisation.

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Be a <committed> mental health advocate

Integrating R;pple into your business will not only contribute to saving lives but also create positive changes in the way mental health is seen, talked about, and treated within your workplace and beyond.

Positive brand reputation

82% of modern consumers want brands to share their values, and will vote with their wallets if they don’t align.

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Employee wellbeing

Show your employees that you care about their wellbeing and mental health by actively supporting us.

Community support

People who lose a person to suicide are 65% more likely to attempt suicide themselves. Your support can help save those at risk.


Lives saved

R;pple Browser Extension

The R;pple tool, as a browser extension, will protect your employees when making harmful searches on search engines on the relevant internet browsers. Prices differ according to organisation type and size.

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Network Integration

Integrate the R;pple tool into your WiFi network to provide additional protection on your employee’s personal devices whilst they are on your network. Subscription costs include donations to R;pple, helping us keep the Tool free for families and educators.

Completely secure

R;pple monitors user searches for the sole purpose of identifying harmful terms, and intervening with support. We do not see, share, or save anyone’s search histories or identifiable personal data.

“The R;pple tool is an innovative solution to the problem of vulnerable people using the internet to access harmful content related to suicide. Alice has used her skills to create technology that is providing support and saving lives.”

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