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R;pple does not provide mental health support

If you are struggling with your mental health and you are based in the UK, please contact the following free 24/7 services:

Help us to save lives and create awareness

R;pple aims to minimise the risks of the internet, while harnessing its potential for good
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Discretely monitoring harmful searches and providing real solutions

R;pple is an online monitoring tool designed to present a visual prompt when they search harmful keywords or phrases. These phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.

Internet searches ways to take your own life every month.
The number of suicides in England and Wales in 2019 - that is 321 more compared to the year before.
The number of deaths attributed to suicide-related internet use in under 20s and 13% of deaths in 20-24 year-olds.

How the R;pple Tool Works

Step 1: Monitoring

A user searches for harmful content via online web searches, forums or video sharing sites using one of the keywords configured within the R;pple tool.

Step 2: Analysis

The R;pple monitoring tool flags up that a user has searched online for one of the keywords configured within the tool relating to suicide and/or self-harm.

How to kill myself
I want to die
Why do I want to kill myself
I hate myself

Step 3: Intervention

Before the user is directed to the online results relating to their search, the R;pple page displays on the user’s screen. A message of hope is displayed followed by a selection of mental health charity partners available to contact in a variety of different communication methods, including calling, texting, a webchat facility and a self-help tool.

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Always monitoring, evolving and using its data for good

Ever-present Guardian

The user doesn’t have to seek out R;pple. It finds them.

Early Intervention

Searchers offered support and solutions at first point of enquiry.

Always Learning

Latest search terms and trends monitored and added to filter.

Improved Awareness

R;pple helps highlight resources searchers may not be aware of.

Better Understanding

Data gathered will help understand user behaviour. Creating greater insight to address the subject.

Just One

If R;pple were to only prevent one suicide, it will have been worth it.

With over 60 partners already on board

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Naddine Dorries

"I commend Alice for all of her work on developing the R:pple tool, and look forward to hearing more as the tool is refined through user testing"

Nadine Dorries - Minister for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety

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