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We are raising funds to support the build of an innovative and life saving online tool designed to encourage users in crisis to utilise a range of mental health support services available to them and stop lives being lost to suicide. 

R;pple has recently partnered with Aamica. Aamica’s ‘Thank You’ program affords businesses, organisations, families, and individuals the opportunity to express their gratitude to COVID-19 essential workers including whist helping to fund the R;pple tool. 


There are 1.2 million internet searches ways to take your own life every month.

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Our Mission

R;pple aims to reduce exposure to harmful online content through a real-time page display and keyword configuration to encourage mental health support and awareness in the first instance.


In a population survey of 21 year olds, of the 248 participants who had made suicide attempts, almost three quarters reported suicide-related internet use.

Bristol University


Our Story

On 25th November 2020, our lives changed forever. Our beloved son and brother Josh took his own life by suicide at just 21 years of age.  

Sadly, words and phrases relating to self-harm and suicide are far too readily available online and easy to access on the web. It is content of this nature that enable individuals to gain the knowledge required to follow through on their plans to end their life.

R;pple is an online monitoring tool which flags potentially harmful content via a keyword search and replaces it in the first instance with a range of mental health support channels for users in crisis.

R;pple displays support, a range of mental health helplines and guidance before any comments, videos and forums relating to harmful content are displayed.

Through this initiative, a user feeling despair and searching for distressing material online will be urged to instead seek the support they require in order to improve their mental health and live a long and fulfilling life. 

Mental health battles can have a ripple effect, extending well beyond the user’s immediate family and friends. How you are affected will depend on your relationship to the person who has passed away, the strength of the attachment and the circumstances around the death.

R;pple aims to provides individuals with mental health struggles with a range of support options in a variety of different communication methods to prevent self-harm and suicide.


The Statistics


The number of suicides in England and Wales in 2019 - that is 321 more compared to the year before. (Samaritans)


The number of deaths attributed to suicide-related internet use in under 20s and 13% of deaths in 20-24 year-old (Samaritans)

90 minutes

Every 90 minutes in the UK, a life is lost to suicide (The Sun ‘You’re Not Alone Campaign)

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