Transforming harmful <online searches> into a journey of hope

Discreetly intercepting flagged search terms and signposting to free, 24/7 mental health support

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There are 1.2 million internet searches for ways to take your own life every month, globally


Searches for suicide hotlines have increased by 125% since January 2019


Number one leading cause of death for people in the UK aged 20 - 34 is suicide


Digital crisis intervention tool

R;pple is an innovative online interceptive tool designed to ensure more help and support is provided to individuals conducting searches related to self-harm or suicide. Our focus is on proactive intervention, bridging the gap between individuals in crisis and the help they require.

By installing R;pple on your device, or supporting our mission, you become a part of a movement dedicated to saving lives and promoting a brighter, better-informed conversation around mental health.

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"I set up R;pple Suicide Prevention to ensure more help and support is given to anyone searching for harmful content online"
Alice Hendy MBE, Founder
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"I lost my son at 20 years of age to suicide and I too discovered that he had researched methods on the Internet. Your ingenious app will throw a lifeline to those who are at risk and intervene in a positive way. This is the most uplifting news I have had in a long time and for that I thank you whole heartedly"

Anonymous R;pple Supporter

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“We strongly believe it’s important to shield colleagues from accessing harmful content online and with the R;pple tool, we know there is now an intervention for those colleagues in a mental health crisis”

Hayley Calland, Manchester Airport Group

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“Without this tool, it is quite possible that within a couple of clicks, an incredibly distressed individual, will be able to access content that not only demonstrates means of dying by suicide, but encouragement and detailed instruction of how to do so.”

University of Wolvverhampton

“We are extremely grateful to R;pple for working with us so closely to ensure we are leading the implementation of this within the sector and hope that it encourages other businesses to do the same.”

Beth Anderson, Revolution Bars Group

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“As a mother of someone who has been at that point in their life, I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing and the lives that have changed because of it. Knowing there is a tool like this out there so no one gets a call to give them the worst news of their lives is amazing, and I am in awe.”

Anonymous R;pple Supporter

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"We are proud to work in partnership with R;pple and join the impressive list of workplaces and education settings that have already downloaded the tool. Together, we can all work to raise awareness of suicide, take steps to prevent it and help reduce the stigma surrounding it.”

Alicia Nagar, MHFA England

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