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About R;pple Suicide Prevention

At R;pple, we are dedicated to intercepting harmful content related to self-harm and suicide through innovative technology. Our mission is fuelled by the personal experience of our founder, Alice Hendy, who tragically lost her only sibling, Josh, to suicide. Josh was 21.

Josh had been searching for techniques to take his own life through harmful internet searches. Witnessing the lack of appropriate support available online, Alice was inspired to take action.

Our goal is simple. With help it is <achievable>

By leveraging our innovative technology, we aim to ensure that immediate mental health support and resources are readily available to individuals in their time of need.

We cannot accomplish our mission alone. We invite you to join the R;pple Suicide Prevention team in our collective effort to save lives. With your support, we can prevent others feeling alone in their struggle.

Available to all

Ensure R;pple is easily accessible to those individuals and organisaitons that need it most.

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Searches intercepted

Ever-present guardian

Intercept harmful content relating to self-harm and/or suicide through innovative technology.

Critical intervention

Provide immediate mental health support and resources to individuals following a harmful online search.


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Our <dedicated> team of staff and volunteers

Josh Hendy

Our Inspiration

Alice Hendy MBE

The CEO & Founder

Ian Hendy

The Executive Administration Officer

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The Web Designer

Craig Butler

The Network Integration Officer

David Savage

The Chief Technology Officer

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The Senior B2B Executive

Harrison Read

The Co-Ordinator

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The Newsletter Guru

Elena Yaneva

THE Marketing Manager

Josh Harding

The Social Media Partner

Tom Kingston

The Data Privacy Officer

Sam Smith

THE Education Advocate & Development Manager