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“I just wanted to say what an amazing project this is. My daughter attempted to take her own life last year but thankfully she is still here with us. In the depth of the loss you are experiencing, you have managed to promote something to help others. Such an amazing idea.”

Anonymous R;pple Supporter

Woman hugging and kissing a man
"I lost my son at 20 years of age to suicide and I too discovered that he had researched methods on the Internet. Your ingenious app will throw a lifeline to those who are at risk and intervene in a positive way. This is the most uplifting news I have had in a long time and for that I thank you whole heartedly"

Anonymous R;pple Supporter

Two people holding hands
“Without this tool, it is quite possible that within a couple of clicks, an incredibly distressed individual, will be able to access content that not only demonstrates means of dying by suicide, but encouragement and detailed instruction of how to do so.”

University of Wolvverhampton

“As a mother of someone who has been at that point in their life, I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing and the lives that have changed because of it. Knowing there is a tool like this out there so no one gets a call to give them the worst news of their lives is amazing, and I am in awe.”

Anonymous R;pple Supporter

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