Puma Capital Group Partners With R;pple in Commitment to Suicide Prevention

Puma Capital Group has today become one of the first investment groups in the country to install R;pple across all its computer networks, strengthening its commitment to employee mental health and suicide prevention.

R;pple is a digital tool designed to present a visual prompt when a person searches for harmful keywords or phrases relating to self-harm or suicide. Instead of distressing online material being presented, a simple and calming screen pops up to provide a range of mental health support options. R;pple guides the person through a filter of breathing exercises and then signposts to helplines, mental health services and forums, they can access both immediately and in the longer term, accompanied with messages of hope and encouragement to keep safe.

Adopting the award-winning technology, Puma Capital Group has joined the impressive list of corporates, educational and public institutions to provide an additional layer of support and protection to their employees at their most vulnerable points.

Self-harm and suicide-related online content is a problem that cannot be neglected, and we believe it’s the responsibility of every organisation to ensure they have the mechanisms in place to create a safer work environment.

Tarinee Pandey, Chief People Office at Puma Capital Group, says: “R;pple is a digital interception tool that presents the next level of suicide prevention in the workplace and beyond. We have taken an important step forward in introducing it across all our workstations, and strongly encourage our colleagues to download it at their home computers for free, protecting their families.”

Luke Haseldine, Senior B2B Executive at R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity, says: “We are thrilled to see the commitment of Puma Capital Group’s leadership to safeguarding their employees and raising awareness about mental health and suicide. Such partnerships are the stepping stones towards a society that is more prepared to address online threads and less affected by the devastating effects of losing lives to suicide.”

Why is this important?

  • Searches for suicide helpline numbers have increased by 125% since January 2019 (SEMrush, 2021)
  • Online searches for suicide methods have increased by 50% in the last 2 years (SEMrush, 2021)
  • Harmful internet use was found in 26% of deaths in under 20s and 13% of deaths in 20–24-year-olds (Samaritans)
  • Male suicide is at its highest rate in 20 years in 2020 (ONS)
  • Every 90 minutes in the UK, a life is lost to suicide. (The Sun)

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