R;pple Online Safety Launched to Leverage AI and Machine Learning Opportunities

R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity has announced the launch of R;pple Online Safety, a technology company dedicated to enhancing R;pple’s life-saving tool through AI and machine learning capabilities.

This move reflects R;pple's strong commitment to saving lives through new technology, addressing critical gaps in online safety and suicide prevention to become a leader in the field of harmful online content classification.

To achieve its ambitious goals, the Charity recognises the importance of continuously evolving the tool to meet its users' complex needs and adapt to the dynamic technology landscape.  

The launch of R;pple Online Safety will secure the necessary resources and investments to support this focus on technical excellence, further development, and enhancements while reinforcing R;pple's position as an authority in harmful content classification.

Following the launch, R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity will dedicate its efforts to working collaboratively with individuals, parents, guardians, educational establishments and charitable organisations. The Charity will continue to raise awareness about the critical missing piece in online safeguarding and to promote the deployment of the R;pple Browser Extension free of charge.

The Charity will also continue its passionate advocacy for a safer internet, strive to reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and mental ill health, and ensure hope and support are available to those in need.

R;pple Online Safety will partner with private and public sector organisations to accelerate the broader adoption of the tool across the 49 countries and territories it currently serves through commercial agreements. It will support the Charity not only through technological innovation but also through donations, enabling the continued free deployment of the R;pple Browser Extension to schools, colleges, universities, charities, parents, and individuals worldwide.

R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity and R;pple Online Safety share a unified commitment to saving lives and making the internet a safer place, hard coded in their values:

Responsibility to make the online world a safer place;
Hope, because no matter how hard it is, your story isn’t over;
assion for fighting the stigma surrounding mental health;
Persistence in reducing suicide rates globally;
eading the way in classification and signposting technology;
Empathy towards anyone finding things tough.

“Prioritising positive mental health and suicide prevention has never been more important. Too many people are reaching a crisis point with their mental health because the support they so desperately need when searching for harmful content online isn’t there for them.​ R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity is determined to change this, and the launch of R;pple Online Safety is a crucial step towards this goal.”
– Alice Hendy MBE, CEO, R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity and R;pple Online Safety

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