The FA’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager on Mental Health Awareness Week and R;pple Deployment

"As the governing body of English football, we’re looking at how we can evolve our infrastructure to focus on preventative care and positive wellbeing. Part of this means transforming our internal Employee Assistance Programme, making better use of digital healthcare to upskill our people on how to take care of their minds, manage emotions, and engage in the right level and type of support for their day-to-day lived experiences.

We will also soon roll out the R;pple browser extension to further protect our people. This important online interceptive tool is designed to ensure appropriate support is provided to individuals who are searching for terms related to self-harm or suicide, also supporting R;pple’s mission to provide a brighter, better-informed conversation around mental health. This will also be made available free of charge for our people to use on their personal and family devices at home should they wish."

- Dr. Jenn Gandhi, Mental Health And Wellbeing Manager, The Football Association

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