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Suicide intervention support for every machine to keep your employees safe


50% rise in the number of searches for suicide methods since 2019.



Number one leading cause of death for people in the UK aged 20 - 34 is suicide.



At least 650 suicides each year due to pressure at work.

National Hazards Campaign


Every 90 minutes, a person is lost to suicide.

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Easy to install - protection when it’s needed most

R;pple is an interceptive tool designed to present a visual prompt when a person searches for harmful keywords or phrases relating to the topic of self-harm or suicide. These phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.

It works without making your IT systems vulnerable to attack or collecting data on your organisation.

Integrating R;pple into your business will not only contribute to saving lives but also create positive changes in the way mental health is seen, talked about, and treated within your workplace and beyond.

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Digital crisis intervention

Safeguard individuals experiencing mental health struggles at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Additional protection

Complement and enhance your existing wellbeing program, creating a safety net.

Privacy and security-first

Cyber Essentials certified. Does not collect, monitor or track any personally identifiable information.

Easy to install

On managed machines as a browser extension; on Wi-Fi networks to protect all devices and buildings. Support for IT teams in testing, pilots and roll outs.

Tech for good

Subscription fees help us keep the browser extension free for families and educators.

Trusted by your peers

Over 140 institutions have already adopted R;pple, including NHS trusts and county councils.

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Your deployment options

R;pple Browser Extension

Protect desktop machines managed by your organisation – anytime, anywhere.

Any operating system

Most popular desktop browsers

Various deployment options

Subscription model – annual or multi-year

Options for tailored content bespoke to your organisation

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Ripple intervention tool

R;pple Wifi Solution

Extended protection to any device connected to your organisation’s ​Wi-Fi network.

Any device and operating system

Easy 5-minute configuration

Subscription model – annual or multi-year

Options for tailored content bespoke to your organisation

“We strongly believe it’s important to shield colleagues from accessing harmful content online and with the R;pple tool, we know there is now an intervention for those colleagues in a mental health crisis”

Hayley Calland, Manchester Airport Group

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"R;pple is a digital interception tool that presents the next level of suicide prevention in the workplace and beyond. We have taken an important step forward in introducing it across all our workstations, and strongly encourage our colleagues to download it at their home computers for free, protecting their families."

Tarinee Pandey, Puma Capital Group

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“We are extremely grateful to R;pple for working with us so closely to ensure we are leading the implementation of this within the sector and hope that it encourages other businesses to do the same.”

Beth Anderson, Revolution Bars Group

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“R;pple has been implemented across the Club and it is really important that any person who searches for harmful content online has those returned results intercepted and are then directed towards help and assistance. It is no exaggeration to say R;pple has the power to save lives and we are proud to be using it across our Academy.”

Kenny Brown, West Ham United

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"We are proud to work in partnership with R;pple and join the impressive list of workplaces and education settings that have already downloaded the tool. Together, we can all work to raise awareness of suicide, take steps to prevent it and help reduce the stigma surrounding it.”

Alicia Nagar, MHFA England

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Private & Secure

We do not collect personal data. We save lives.
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