Winner: Hampshire Startup of the Year and Wellbeing & Fitness Startup of the Year

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R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity, the innovative Fareham-based startup, clinches top honors as Hampshire Startup of the Year and Wellbeing and Fitness Startup of the Year at the South East StartUp Awards 2023, highlighting their pioneering work in suicide prevention

Alice lost her brother Josh to suicide in November 2020. This tragic event inspired her to found R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity in 2021 to help save lives. Based in Fareham, Hampshire, R;pple has developed life-saving technology in the form of a browser extension that can be downloaded onto computers and laptops. Once triggered by an online search relating to self-harm or suicide, the extension interrupts the search and provides a message of hope, before redirecting the individual to mental health resources that can offer help.

R;pple’s mission is to make this technology available globally to provide an extra layer of support for those in need. Alice is excited by the huge companies that have already approached R;pple asking to install the extension to support their staff. Although the team does not do this work for recognition, Alice feels honored when R;pple wins awards like the Startup Awards 2023 and is recognized for trying to make a difference.

In just two years, R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity has developed life-changing technology, gained global corporate interest, and won prestigious awards. However, for Alice, the biggest accomplishment is knowing R;pple’s work can save lives by providing hope in moments of darkness. R;pple’s future plans are to expand its reach worldwide to offer support to as many people as possible.

R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity is an inspiring example of how one person’s vision can impact thousands of lives. Through loss and grief, Alice found her life’s purpose in R;pple. The technology and support R;pple provides are changing and saving lives daily by offering a lifeline in times of crisis. R;pple is a shining light for suicide prevention, and Alice’s perseverance and passion are a model for entrepreneurship and making a difference on a global scale. The future is bright for this startup charity as it continues expanding its message of hope across the world.