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Uniting to challenge stigma and promote well-being
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Driving better mental health dialogue

R;pple’s ambassadors are public figures who are open to sharing their experience in mental health, inspiring others to engage in open discussions and take a proactive approach to mental health and suicide prevention.

We work collaboratively with our growing ambassador network to shift attitudes and confront the stigma surrounding these critical issues, while raising awareness of the R;pple tool.

Our growing list of supported countries and territories

We will continue to improve the breadth and quality of our technology and wider work

Fay Greaves

Fay Greaves​

A well-known face from the Bafta-winning BBC One's 'The Traitors,' a show that took the entertainment world by storm with over 34 million views on BBC iPlayer, Fay brings more to the table than her television stardom. She has a remarkable thirty-year career in the education sector and serving as 'Head of School Welfare', and passion for creating a positive impact and supporting young individuals facing mental health struggles.

We are teaming up to let as many educational organisations know about the free R;pple technology as possible, supporting them with the quick and easy deployment process, and ensuring as many young people as possible are signposted to mental health support as and when they need it.

Ryan Briggs

Ryan Briggs ​

Ryan is the Founder of FinWELL Training Ltd – a global financial education and wellbeing company that helps employees and leadership teams understand, measure and improve  financial wellbeing, empowering healthier relationships with money and better mental health. ​

A former professional footballer, part of West Ham's most successful Youth team in the 90s, Ryan combined his passions for sports and financial wellbeing to also launch Financial Wellbeing Within Sport CIC (FWWS) - a community interest company that helps sports people and organisations build healthier relationships with money.
Ryan plays an essential role for R;pple as our ambassador while also serving as an advisory board member, offering expertise on the topic of financial wellbeing.​

Our partnership with Finwell and FWWS sheds light on the link between financial wellbeing, mental health, and suicide prevention. Together, we support employees across diverse industry sectors and the sports community.​

Dan Winter-Bates

Daniel Winter-Bates​

Dan is Head of Organisational Development in the NHS, and the lead singer of the popular British band Bury Tomorrow.​ Incredibly passionate about mental health, he is a real advocate of sharing how you feel deep down so that others can help and support, something that isn't always easy for people to do, especially in the workplace.​

R;pple and Dan are teaming up to educate businesses and the NHS community about the R;pple technology and how it can support NHS staff, ensuring as many of them as possible are signposted to mental health support when they are most vulnerable.​

Dan will also help spread the word about R;pple as he tours with Bury Tomorrow, encouraging people to download the R;pple tool, protecting their loved ones and themselves from harmful content online.​