Mara Health Speaks With Alice Hendy MBE in the Fantastic Founders Podcast

Mara Health is a leading healthtech consulting firm that acts as a bridge between startups and growth stage companies in the healthtech and digital health space, connecting them with their important stakeholders including customers, clinicians and healthcare organisations.

Mara Health's Fantastic Founders series delve into the world of health technology startups, exploring groundbreaking ideas and innovations that are reshaping the future of healthcare.

In this episode their COO Gamith Adasuriya speaks to Alice Hendy MBE, the inspirational founder of suicide prevention charity R;pple.

You'll hear about the tragic circumstances where R;pple was founded, R;pple’s current reach and global aspirations for the future.

Alice shares her advice regarding the importance of having a mission when starting a healthtech start-up and discusses the difficulties of scale-up when working with different organisations, particularly in the highly regulated healthcare industry.

You will also hear about her journey through product development, funding applications and building the right team.

Alice's inspirational product has been downloaded over 2 million times in the last two years and R;ipple has been contacted by 29 people who reported the support they were signposted to when they came into contact with their technology meant they chose to get help rather than trying to end their life.

Listen to the episode here.