R;pple joins #FinancialWellbeingMonth

R;pple is thrilled to team up with our partners FinWELL Training Ltd and Mental Health First Aid England for the first ever #FinancialWellbeingMonth in April 2024.

Recognising the profound impact of financial struggles on mental health and suicidal thoughts, we're committed to raising awareness of these critical topics and helping employers take proactive measures to create a safer work environment.

"The idea is to raise awareness about the importance of and very real links between financial wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention. It’s a chance for individuals, employers and organisations to come together, learn about and share best practices around the many life events that have a huge impact on us all. I’m absolutely delighted to be collaborating with Mental Health First Aid England and R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity on this initiative.”  
- Ryan Briggs, Founder, FinWELL Training Ltd

Throughout the month, a range of events, blogs, and resources will delve into various topics related to financial wellbeing, such as retirement, menopause, bereavement, neurodiversity, healthy eating, economic abuse, helping more people empower healthier relationships with money and better mental health.

Visit the Financial Wellbeing Month website to view the agenda and book your slots.

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