R;pple Suicide Prevention and Talk Club Announce a Strategic Partnership

R;pple Suicide Prevention and Talk Club Mental Health Charity announce a strategic partnership that combines mental fitness with suicide prevention to help save more lives.

Effective June 2024, Talk Club and R;pple are together helping businesses to support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. From preventative conversations and healthy habits to digital crisis intervention and signposting, both charities are committed to creating safe spaces and tools to support people when they need it the most.

Talk Club Business Support is a positive and preventative service from mental health charity Talk Club, which brings mental fitness into the workplace. From workshops and talk & listen groups to training and support for Mental Health First Aiders, support is tailored to help start the conversations that matter. 

17 million working days are lost in the UK each year to absenteeism & this costs UK businesses an average of £1,652 per employee per year. Talk Club Business Support starts for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per person. Proceeds help to fund the free services that Talk Club provides across the country.

R;pple is an innovative digital crisis intervention tool that discreetly intercepts harmful online searches and signposts to free 24/7 mental health support. The focus is on proactive intervention, bridging the gap between individuals in crisis and the help they require. 

By installing R;pple within your workplace you too can become part of a movement dedicated to saving lives and promoting a brighter, better-informed conversation around mental health.

“Talk Club partnering up with R;pple is a no brainer for us. Alice and the team have a clear mission and are all about making an impact. Talk Club are aligned on this and are very much a ‘Doing’ charity that is actively building a mental fit society by asking the simple question ‘How are you? Out of 10?”. We hope in time Talk Club and Ripple can join forces to catch people earlier than crisis point.”

- Gavin Thorpe, Co-Founder & CEO, Talk Club

“Talk Club has a preventative ripple effect in the workplace that spreads outside into community. This makes our partnership with R;pple's intuitive preventative technology a 'great team', so that together we can be there for those when they need us most.”

- Neil Harrison, Co-Founder & CCO, Talk Club

"We are happy to join forces with Talk Club to support businesses in creating a safer workplace. By combining digital crisis intervention with Talk Club’s mental fitness programs, we help employers establish a safety net for individuals in the workplace and beyond. Together, we aim to foster a culture of open conversations and timely support, ensuring that help is available, and no one has to face their struggles alone." 

- Alice Hendy MBE, Founder and CEO, R;pple

About Talk Club

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. A man takes his own life every 90 minutes and 76% of suicides are male. 

Talk Club is a male mental health charity. With a positive talking and listening community, the charity is on a mission to create a mentally fit society. Founded in 2019, Talk Club now has over 100 clubs nationally. It all begins with “How are you? Out of 10?”. Learn more: www.talkclub.org or message business@talkclub.org

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