The Life Jacket: Turn Someone’s Life Around

Suicide prevention has many faces. The Life Jacket exists to give hope to those who are struggling and educate those who want to help.

Among the inspiring initiatives launched this World Suicide Prevention Day, one stands out for its engaging and human approach: The Life Jacket.

On the 10th of September, 17 Life Jackets were placed in 17 locations across the UK. Recognising the number of people who take their lives daily in the country.

Each jacket starts blank, inviting people to share their lived experiences, stories and advice. Each jacket then becomes permanent visual reminder that we all have the capability to turn someone's life around.

The Story

Launched by Jonathan Lee, Creative Director at Havas People, the Life Jacket has a story that isn't easy to hear.

"On Tuesday 7th February 2023, I got the news that one of my friends from my university days had taken his own life. Alex was 42.

Maybe that distance is why my immediate emotion when I heard Alex had taken his life wasn’t one of upset. I was shocked. I was confused. ‘Alex has taken his own life?! But why?’

I didn’t understand. No one could understand.

A couple of days later I discovered he’d been searching for harmful content - including very explicit ways to end his life - for almost a year. This is the thing that really hit me. To know he’d been in pain for so long. Why didn’t he say? Why didn’t we ask?”

Read the full story here.

While developing the idea for The Life Jacket, Jon and his colleague Inger, discovered R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity and recognised us as the perfect collaborator and partner.

The Life Jacket is now on a mission to work with organisations big and small to give as many people as possible the skills, knowledge and confidence to take action. And asking these organisations to create a safer work environment by installing Ripple’s life-saving technology.

Will you be part of The Life Jacket's story?

If you happen to see a jacket, please don’t walk past. Pick it up and write your message to uplift the next person who picks it up. Someone who might be struggling right now.  

Take photos of the jacket. Share them to spread the word.

Some powerful life stories are already out there. Check them out and learn how to take action.

Everyone can turn someone's life around. Let’s make change happen - together.