Richard Howarth

The Web Designer
Richard Howarth
What do you do as a day job?

When I first started working with R;pple I was Head of Marketing at a London University. I think the work I did for R;pple helped me to make a decision to move away from that role and to start my own design and development agency. Seeing Alice's drive and passion was definitely a factor in me being more active in my own choices - I certainly wasn't working for an evil corporate machine but it wasn't providing me with the sense of fulfilment that working with organisations such as R;pple provides.

What do you do for R;pple?

Currently, my role is primarily focussed on the development of the R;pple brand and website - as well as the strategic thinking that drove the second iteration of each. I also bring my experience as Head of Marketing and offer support and advice where I can.

Why is R;pple important to you?

Suicide has had a direct impact on my life. I've lost friends and family members and, unlike many other ways in which we lose loved ones, it leaves a dark shadow beyond just the absence of someone you love. Eventually, you can rationalise and accept the loss of someone to cancer or heart disease, but when someone close to you takes their own life there is often an extra layer of anger, or even guilt. Selfishly, working with R;pple has helped me to process my own sense of loss - knowing that I have been a small part of something that is saving lives is incredibly fulfilling - and something that I will always be grateful to R;pple for.

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