Josh Harding

The Social Media Partner
Josh Harding
What do you do as a day job?

I'm the co-founder, along with my sister Sarah, of The Good Influence - we're a purpose-driven social & influencer agency. We launched around the same time as R;pple, I lead on operations but my role bleeds into other areas that come with running a business such as HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing and everything in between!

What do you do for R;pple?

We've been working with R;pple on their social strategy, content creation and ambassador reachout strategy for the past year. So it's our job to ensure that there is a consistent message going out into the world and helping to increase awareness of the charity.

Why is R;pple important to you?

From our very first meeting with Alice, her story and R;pple's reason for existence struck a chord with us, partially because of the sibling relationship at the core of our business and also because I share my name with Alice's brother.  

That aside, whenever I mention R;pple to others, the consensus is why is this tech not available on every device and so this underlines its importance and why we're incredibly proud to play a small role in its success.

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