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Can I have some more information on deploying R;pple on the network works?

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It is possible for workplaces and offices to have the R;pple tool working through Wi-Fi in addition to on the browsers. This duality, means that the R;pple tool will also work on your employee’s personal mobile devices, whilst they are connected to the organisation’s Wi-Fi Network – and through any public Wi-Fi networks provided by your organisation, if you have these.

Pricing for Wi-Fi integration depends upon the number of Wi-Fi Access Points the workplace has and the accumulated price is calculated per year. The Wi-Fi option isn’t costly, isn’t complicated or time intensive to install.

R;pple partners with a specialist, Netsweeper, to provide the R;pple tool via DNS over your Wi-Fi and the option may have to be treated as a separate project because of this. However, it is a relatively straightforward deployment process and companies are looking at this option, to give their employees the maximum protection that R;pple can offer.

See the Wi-Fi option explained in this video: