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R;pple’s Visual Appearance

What information do you need if our organisation wants to tailor the content on the R;pple tool?

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We recommend utilising the national tool as much as possible. However, if your organisation would like to tailor the mental health support options that appear on the tool, we can do this for a one-off fee of £749 to cover our costs and time. Please note, only the support options can be amended.

The colours, illustrations, wording and all other components of the tool will remain the same in line with our research and evidence based approach.To tailor the content on the R;pple tool for your organisation, we would require the following information:  

  • Services you’d like to remain: E.g., NHS 111 / Samaritans / Shout / CALM / Hub of Hope / StayAlive / Jacobs/ Clic
  • Services you’d like to remove: E.g., NHS 111 / Samaritans / Shout / CALM / Hub of Hope / StayAlive / Jacobs/ Clic
  • New services you’d like to add (to include the below details of EACH service)
  • Name of service:
  •  Operating hours of service:  
  • Limitations: e.g., for a certain audience / only for a certain location / opening hours etc.  
  • Confirmation that you have spoken to the service which you wish to signpost to, and they have confirmed they are able to cope with the potential increase in demand of their service as a result of being promoted on the R;pple technology.

Please note, iterations are final and any further amendments you’d like made once we have obtained your sign off will incur additional charges. Once we have the above information, we can get to work in creating the customisation.