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If you are struggling with your mental health and you are based in the UK, please contact the following free 24/7 services:

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What statistics highlight the need for R;pple?

  • Searches for suicide methods have increased by 50% in the last 2 years (Semrush)
  • Searches for suicidal thoughts have increased by 23% since Jan 2019 (Semrush)
  • Searches for suicide hotlines have increased by 125% since Jan 2019 (Semrush)
  • One in five people have accessed sites which provide information on how to hurt or kill themselves.
  • Research has found that not everyone is comfortable speaking over the phone and that visual prompts  can help those in a crisis
  • Annually, for each death by suicide, 6.9 million people are personally affected. R;pple is offering a platform  in which will not only help the individual but will prevent the ripple impact on all people close by.
  • The rate of deaths among under 25s increased by 23.7% from 2017 to 2018 with 730 under-25s  taking their own lives in 2018, up from 590 in 2017. (Samaritans)
  • “There are 1.2 million internet searches for ways to take your own life every month” - Suicide Forum,  2018
  • Harmful internet use was found in 26% of deaths in under 20s and 13% of deaths in 20-24 year-old  (Samaritans)
  • Three quarters of young people under the age of 35 took their own lives in 2018 were boys or young  men. (Papyrus)
  • Male suicide is at it’s highest rate in 20 years in 2020 (ONS)
  • 93% rise in female under 25 suicide rates since 2012 (ONS)
  • Overall, men accounted for three-quarters of UK deaths by suicide in 2018 (ONS)
  • There were 5,691 suicides in England and Wales in 2019, that is 321 more compared to the year before.  (Samaritans)
  • 26.8% of people aged 16-24 report having had suicidal thoughts in their lifetime, a higher percentage  than any other age group (MHFA)
  • Every 90 minutes in the UK, a life is lost to suicide (The Sun ‘You’re Not Alone Campaign’)
  • Over 200 schoolchildren are lost to individuals taking their own life every year. (Samaritans)