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How to Install R;pple

We’re a business, how do we go about installing R;pple?

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  1. Please let us know how many machines you will be deploying R;pple onto
  2. Please let us know what browser you will be deploying R;pple onto
  3. Please let us know what email address to invoice to Please liaise with your IT department to deploy the extension en masse.

There are three primary ways to get the extension onto managed machines:  

  • GPO (Group Policy Object)- You can force install a browser extension on Chrome and on edge using this method  
  • Force installs through browser management. Both Google workspace and Microsoft 365 have methods for this  
  • Using a third-party management tool (of which there are many – if your organisation does not use one, this is not an option to consider)  

Have a look on our website under ‘The Communications’ to think about how, when and if you’d like to publicise our partnership and the positive step you’re taking to protect your colleagues wellbeing and mental health.