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Why Deploy R;pple?

Why should my organisation deploy R;pple?

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Your colleagues need your support:

Your colleagues might be struggling. Many individuals find it hard to open up and discuss their mental health. R;pple provides a ‘safety net’ for those who are in crisis and offers hope in their darkest hour.

Compliment your wellbeing offerings

Your current wellbeing offerings provide your staff and colleagues with a range of benefits to improve wellbeing and mindfulness. R;pple is not a wellbeing or mindfulness tool, it’s a crisis intervention tool and intercepts those colleagues who might need immediate mental health support.

Promote a positive brand:

Your brand is your company’s identity in the marketplace. It’s what you’re known for and how your customers perceive your company.

It goes without saying that every company strives to maintain a positive brand image, respected identity and favourable public opinion — whether the brand is local, national or global.

Show, publicly, your commitment to improving the mental health of your colleagues, customers and clients by partnering with R;pple.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Highlighting corporate social responsibility: supporting a charity enhances a company’s credibility in a way that can spread a positive attitude amongst their audience and help them reach a new market.

The figures:

  • Male suicide is at its highest rate in 20 years in 2020 (ONS)
  • 26.8% of people aged 16-24 report having had suicidal thoughts in their lifetime, a higher percentage than any other age group (MHFA)
  • Every 90 minutes in the UK, a life is lost to suicide (The Sun’)
  • Harmful internet use was found in 26% of deaths in under 20s (Samaritans)


By supporting a mental health charity, you are opening doors to many other businesses, educational establishments and charities who also care about mental health and prioritise the wellbeing of their staff and colleagues.

Reach more people and collaborate openly about your organisation’s mission in smashing the stigma surrounding mental health and adding an additional layer of protection to your colleagues, customers and clients through R;pple.