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R;pple does not provide mental health support

If you are struggling with your mental health and you are based in the UK, please contact the following free 24/7 services:

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How can we evaluate the success of R;pple?

Evaluating the effectiveness of R;pple

Management and senior leadership within organisations whoare interested in implementing R;pple, or who have already deployed R;pple,should be aware that it should not be financially evaluated in the same way asother technological investments for the business.

If R;pple has never been triggered within your organisation,it simply means that, fortunately, none of your employees have conductedharmful online research about taking their own life on their corporate device.

However, if one of your employees does conduct harmfulonline searches in the future, R;pple is there to incept that action andsignpost them to immediate mental health support.   

In the same way that a business invests in anti-virus software to protect their technology from malware, they would not simply deactivate or cancel their anti-virus software subscription because the business has not been subject to a cyber-attack, as that would subsequently leave the business vulnerable to cyber-attacks in the future.

Similarly, a business should not determine if R;pple is ‘successful’ or not based upon the number of interventions the tool has made.

The R;pple tool is a unique piece of tech that adds to your duty of care towards employees (and students, when considered within an Educational establishment). R;pple is a crisis intervention tool that provides signposting to mental health support following harmful online searches. The technology can complement your CSR strategy and also enhances your commitment to improving mental health for your workforce.